What’s Your Noisy Plumbing Trying to Tell You?

It’s the middle of the night. You’re sound asleep and all of a sudden you hear a loud BANG coming from inside the walls. CLANG. There it is again. Visions of men in hockey masks fill your head.

Before you go patrolling through your house with a flashlight and a whiffle ball bat, remember -- what you’re hearing is probably just your plumbing system.

It might be time to schedule a plumbing inspection to put an end to these dramatic, horror-filled and sleepless nights.

Water Lines Whistle When in Use

“whistlingsounds”Once again, your house is beginning to sound like something from a Vincent Price movie. Whenever you run the tap or flush the toilet, there’s a high-pitched whistling sound, almost like a screech.

Of course, there could be a monster lurking in the pipes, or, more likely, you may have the water pressure turned up too high. Another possibility is that there is a blockage of some sort that needs to be flushed out.

If you call a licensed plumbing professional to perform a plumbing inspection, they may flush out the pipe using water, air or another method. It is helpful to note the age of the house, when you first noticed the whistling sound, whether the whistling occurs when only the hot water is on, only the cold or both, whether your home uses a water pressure tank and so forth.

Hot Water Causes Knocking or Banging

“knockingpipes”Waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of banging, clanging pipes is not the best way to start your day; it’s like waking up in an Edgar Allen Poe poem.

Even if you logically understand that what you’re hearing is simply the heat running through your pipes, it’ll get your heart rate up.

The sound of a banging pipe in the middle of the night will wake even the heaviest sleeper. As you know, sleep is of the utmost importance in terms of your overall health, happiness, and well-being, not to mention your productivity at work.

It is not unusual for heating pipes to make banging, clanging and knocking sounds, particularly in older homes. The banging sound that you hear could be a number of things. For example, you might be hearing the sudden closing of a heat valve.

So, while banging sounds may not indicate that something is wrong per se, that does not mean that the problem cannot be eliminated. Call for a plumbing inspection so that a licensed professional can inspect your heating system and devise a solution so that you can sleep soundly at night.

Your Kitchen Sink Gurgles as it Drains

“runningwater”When you run the water, does it gurgle as it drains? Typically, gurgling drains are caused by debris or obstructions in the venting system. Air is being forced through water in the drain trap, resulting in the gurgling sound.

Sometimes, trapped air will rise to the surface then the rest of the home is quiet, delivering yet another Edgar Allen Poe moment.

If you’re dealing with gurgling drains, it’s the right time to schedule a plumbing inspection, so that a licensed professional can figure out what is obstructing the drain.

No matter what mysterious noises you’re hearing, it is of the utmost importance that you keep the plumbing at your home in good working order. Call the pros over at P.H.D. Mechanical today for all your plumbing issues or to schedule a plumbing inspection.