North Jersey Leak Detection Services

Do you have a leak with an unknown origin? Call (973) 492-5931 and let the experts from PHD Mechanical Inc use our professional tools and techniques to locate and solve it for you. Our plumbing specialists work quickly to keep costs low, but you can save even more by visiting our coupons page, so take a look before you call.

The Best Leak Detection Services For You

Even though it can be easy to see the results of a leak, such as stained ceilings and walls or areas with dripping water, it can often be difficult to locate the source of the leak. That’s where professional leak detection services from PHD Mechanical Inc come in; our specialists are happy to provide expert service to help you locate and solve your leak issue.

We’ve been helping homeowners in North Jersey find pesky leaks since 1987. Just take a look at our reviews page and see what some of our satisfied customers are saying about our work.

What Causes Water Leaks?

Here are a couple of reasons why you may be experiencing a leak:

Clogged toilets and drains. If a clog forms in the pipes that connect your plumbing system to your toilet, sink, or shower, it is a prime suspect for leaks because debris can easily get flushed down, or washed away in the shower.

Roots have infiltrated your pipes. Tree roots are constantly spreading outward in their search for water, and unfortunately, in many cases, your pipes are the perfect source. Roots can wrap around, crush, and eventually clog pipes to the point where they begin to leak and even burst.

Why Trust Us to Solve Your Plumbing Issues?

We believe that our dedication to exceptional customer service and our passion for finding personalized solutions makes us the best option for water leak detection and plumbing service in North Jersey. Here are a few more reasons why we believe you should work with us:

Prompt turnaround times: Our technicians always arrive on time and prepared to start working, and will resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

We treat your home like a castle: We keep your home clean by tidying up any messes we make.

We’re approachable and professional: We only hire and retain specialists who are invested in customer service and finding personalized solutions to every issue.

We’ll fix it on the first visit: Preparedness and a can-do attitude go a long way, and generally means that we can fix your problem in a single visit.

Your satisfaction matters to us: We offer a 100% Satisfaction and No Mess Guarantee behind all the work we do. Ask us for more details!

Don’t stress out over the unknown location of a water leak. Instead, call in the professionals with 29 years of experience working in North Jersey. Our technicians are just a phone call away, so call (973) 492-5931 now.