Planning a Plumbing Remodel? Have Your Permit Ready

Planning a Plumbing Remodel? Have Your Permit Ready

Home renovations are exciting for homeowners because you can turn an old bathroom into your dream spa, give you more space in the kitchen, update the look and feel of your house, and so much more. But before you take on any bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, it’s important to think about the plumbing permits you might need to obtain before you can start work.

For instance, if you're going to be installing new pipes, moving old plumbing, or doing drain or sewer line work, then you probably need a permit, and today we’re going to talk about why you should always get one.

A Permit Will Protect You from Fines

“penaltyfine”Fines are one of the common consequences homeowners face if they perform work in their house without the proper permit. Penalties act as a deterrent for unpermitted work and encourage people to have the right permits in place before they begin work.

But another way that unpermitted plumbing work can cost you is that it may result in you having to perform expensive repairs if inspectors catch you working without a permit and determine that the work wasn’t done to code.

A Permit Will Protect You from Mistakes and Improper Work

“safetystandards”There's more to a permit than meets the eye, and one way the permitting process keeps homes and homeowners safe is through inspections.

When you perform permitted plumbing work in your house, an official will come by to inspect the project and make sure it's been done correctly and to code.

There are many ways this benefits you, including making sure the work is high-quality and that it will last. Inspections can also safeguard against your home's value decreasing from poor work or materials, as well as ensuring that you and your family will be safe from things like:

  • Mold in the house from leaks or floods.
  • Bacteria from sewage backups.
  • Potential explosions from improperly installed water heaters.
  • A lack of water pressure from poorly installed pipes.

A Permit Will Protect You from the Ire of Licensed Professionals

“noprofessional”Professional plumbers are serious about their jobs, and this means doing things by the books when it comes to permits. These experts understand that permits are required for very good reasons, including that it protects them, protects you, and ensures quality work with every job.

That being said, it's usually the responsibility of the homeowner to secure the permit before work begins, regardless of who will be completing the project. As such, the plumbing experts of Wayne, NJ want you to know that they always recommend homeowners obtain permits when required.

Your home is your oasis, and you don't want to do anything that might compromise the integrity or value of it. Having a permit in place before you start a plumbing project is the best way to protect yourself from fines, illness, and liability, but it will also protect your home from bad work and inferior materials. Even though the permit process may be an added step to your project, it's well worth the time and money if you want to make sure your next plumbing remodel goes off without a hitch.