Water Filtration Systems in Denville, NJ

Water filtration systems can improve the quality of the water your family uses every day. Call us at 973-706-6210 for installations and repairs in Denville, Livingston, and the surrounding areas.

Water Filtration System Installation in Denville, NJ

You want your family to be as healthy as possible, but what can you do each day to keep them healthy and happy? One of the easiest ways is to make sure that the water that comes out of your faucets is safe to drink and consume. If your water is “hard” and has traces of minerals such as calcium and magnesium in it, then not only does your water not taste as good, but it can lead to adverse health effects and put a strain on your plumbing and appliances. You can prevent this by installing a whole-house water filtration system. Call our experts at PHD Mechanical Inc for appointments in Denville, NJ. We provide the best-value services!

Different Types of Water Filtration Systems

Are you looking for a new water filtration system? There are numerous options you can choose from when scheduling water filtration installation. Learn about some of the pros and cons of each of the following systems to learn which is best for your Denville Township home:

  • Charcoal Filters: These are typically low in cost and are one of the most popular models.
  • Sediment Filters: These help with homes that use well water.
  • Water Distillers: These models use energy and typically have slow production. They remove Cryptosporidium and minerals from the water.
  • Reverse Osmosis: This option removes Cryptosporidium and other minerals, and creates bottle-quality water.
  • Alkaline Water Ionizers: These add a millivolt charge to water and minerals, and shift the pH levels.
  • Ultraviolet Water Filters: This option destroys germs.
  • Magnetic Water Filters: These filters reshape water minerals with magnets.
  • Infrared Water Filters: These passively reshape water structures.
  • Catalytic Water Filters: This type uses resin bead coatings to target specific toxins.

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