North Jersey Gas Line Repair & Installation Services

Don’t stress over your gas line issue! Call (973) 492-5931 and let the experts at PHD Mechanical Inc offer speedy and high-quality repair and installation services instead. We offer outstanding service at fair, competitive prices; just visit our coupons page to learn more about how you can save.

The Gas Line Repair & Installation Experts

If you live in a home that uses natural gas or propane to generate heat and fuel appliances like your oven and stove, then maintaining your gas line is critical for the safety of yourself and your loved ones. At PHD Mechanical Inc our specialists are ready to help you repair a leak in your gas line and assist you with installing a new section of pipe if it is what’s required.

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Are You Experiencing a Gas Line Leak?

When your gas line is leaking it may not be immediately obvious, but it’s important to carefully monitor your gas line for leaks. Natural gas and propane are extremely flammable and can cause explosive damage to your home, your property, and in unfortunate circumstances, even yourself or your family.

How can you tell if you have a gas leak? Here are some telltale signs:

  • You smell rotten eggs. Natural gas is odorless, but a sulfur-like smell is added to make it easier to identify.
  • You hear hissing sounds. Gas will make a hissing sound as it escapes the pipe, so listen carefully if you suspect a problem.
  • Your vegetation is dying. If your grass, shrubs, or garden are dying no matter what you do, your gas line may be to blame.

Let Us Be Your Gas Line Experts

Here are a few reasons why you should give us a call:

You can expect speedy service: Our technicians are timely and dedicate themselves to solving your issue as quickly as possible.

Your home’s cleanliness matters to us: Which is why we clean up any mess or debris caused by our work.

You can expect personalized solutions: We work to develop personalized solutions because no two homes or customers are the same.

You rarely need to call us back: By arriving prepared, our specialists can usually solve your issue in a single visit, meaning you can get back to your life a little faster.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed: We back everything we do with a solid 100% Satisfaction and No Mess Guarantee. Just ask us about how it benefits you.

Dial (973) 492-5931 and say goodbye to your gas line issues. We offer fast and dependable gas line repair and installation in North Jersey, so give us a call today.