The Story Behind Your Plumbing Costs

When shopping, most people look for the best deals possible and find sales for the cheapest price. Others might consider extremely high prices the mark of ‘true’ craftsmanship. Unfortunately, one situation can mean shoddy work while the other can mean you’re dealing with a dishonest retailer. This theory is the same for plumbing companies.

If a plumber is offering what seems to be the ‘deal of a lifetime,’ there is very little chance that he will do excellent work. If a plumbing company seems extremely high-priced, they may be selling something you don’t need to just a complete scam artist. At PHD Mechanical Inc., we strive to provide excellent services at fair prices!

Leaky Pipe Repair

“leakrepaircost”Anytime there is a leaky pipe in your home, it is essential to have it repaired quickly. Leaky pipes are not expensive to repair, especially when you add the cost of fixing drywall, and then labor.

The sooner you call a plumber to repair a leaking pipe, the less time will be spent fixing it and the less damage is done. This fact alone can save you a decent amount of money.

Another reason to consider calling a plumber ASAP is that mold and mildew will begin to grow. Not only is the mold remediation process expensive, breathing in mold can be harmful. Calling PHD Mechanical Inc first can help you avoid the need for mold specialists entirely!

Relief From Clogged Drains

“clogrepaircost”Clogged drains just seem to sneak up on people. You may notice that water is draining slower, or maybe less water pressure and overflowing toilets.

Typically, these are signs that get people to realize there’s an issue. However, if nothing is done and a clog becomes severe, it can potentially crack a pipe! It may be tempting to get rid of the clog yourself with either a drain snake or drain cleaners--don’t!

Drain snakes are great when used by professionals but can do damage to your pipes otherwise. As far as chemical cleaners go, these products are dangerous to your pipes, the environment, and your health--steer clear! When you call a plumbing company, chances are they will recommend a drain snaking service (done professionally, of course).

This service is effective at removing clogs near the surface of the drain. If the clog is stubborn or out of reach, hydro jetting may be recommended. Hydro jetting is simply using water at high pressures to blast away any clogs. This service varies in price based on the severity of the clog as well as the type of drain.

Don’t Ignore Dripping Noises

“drippingfaucet”If you are constantly hearing your faucet drip, you might find it annoying but not be too concerned about the issue. There are three main problems that a leaky faucet can cause and the first is raising your water bill.

For a slow leak, you might only see a $20 per year increase, but for a faucet with a faster drip, the bill can jump by more than $200. Next is the issue of mold and mildew.

Depending on the drip and where it is coming from, this could be a breeding ground for mold or mildew meaning extra cleaning work. Just because you don’t see the mold or mildew, doesn’t mean it isn’t there--if it’s hidden, it may become a costly problem as mentioned above. Finally, faucets are water-friendly, but they aren’t made to be wet constantly.

A drip left unfixed will probably cause you to replace the faucet prematurely. To avoid all of these problems, you can easily call us, PHD Mechanical Inc.