Water Line Repair and Installation in Denville, NJ

A malfunctioning main water line can quickly cause massive water damage in your home. If you have an issue, call us at 973-706-6210 for main water line repair and installation services in Denville, East Hanover, and the surrounding areas.

When there’s a problem with your main water line, it can quickly cause major water damage to your home. It can result in flooding, which can wreck your flooring and drywall, and even lead to the growth of mold and mildew. To avoid these problems, it’s essential to schedule professional services as soon as possible. Call PHD Mechanical Inc for main water line replacement appointments in Denville, NJ. We offer convenient scheduling!

Common Issues With Your Main Water Line

When you have a problem with your main water line, you need to call for professional help quickly. The longer you wait, the more damage the issue can cause. Some common problems  we see with water lines in Northern New Jersey include:

  • Holes or cracks: These can be caused by corrosion from soil or frost.
  • Pressure: Too much pressure in your line can cause it to break, resulting in water flooding your home and yard.
  • Leaky water valve: These are common problems that can be repaired by a professional.

Quickly identify an issue with your sewer line with sewer video inspections. Call us for services in Denville Township!