What Makes the Perfect Plumbing System?

Something we use on a daily basis but don't necessarily pay attention to is the plumbing system in our homes. We rely on this network of water pipes and sewer lines regularly as we go through our day-to-day activities. It delivers cold and hot water, along with eliminating waste, which is a key part of our lives.

Taking care of your home's plumbing system can prolong its life and prevent disasters which come with costly repairs. If you want to avoid calling a plumber, here are a few easy steps you can take toward maintaining your plumbing system.

Keep Drains Clean

“cleandrains”Clogs are amongst the most troublesome home plumbing problems. If enough debris gets flushed down, it can accumulate in your drains and form blockages.

This can lead to water leaks and even burst pipes, which can cause water damage and leave you with an expensive repair bill.

Be sure to use a sink strainer in your kitchen sink to prevent food particles from entering the system, and never flush cooking grease or oil down. These substances are liquid when hot but can turn solid when cold.

Balance Water Pressure

“balancedwaterpressure”High water pressure feels nice when you're under a shower and can help when washing dishes, but it puts stress on your plumbing system and increases the chance of a burst or leak.

Pipe joints and fixtures are forced to work harder, which makes them more vulnerable to damage. If your water pressure is above 85 psi, consider hiring a plumber to find a solution.

One thing to remember is low-flow components don't affect the pressure within the pipes, only the amount of water dispensed.

Use Hair Blockers

“haircleaner”Perhaps the worst culprit of clogs in our homes is the hair we shave or shed in the bathroom. Simply by the action of applying shampoo in the shower, follicles tend to fall and get washed down the drain.

If you shave in the shower or above the sink, all of that hair likely goes down the drain as well. Keep them clean by purchasing hair blockers or screens.

They will catch large hairs before they can be flushed down. Be sure to clean them regularly so they can remain effective.

Follow Local Regulations

“localrequirements”Every city and town has laws regulating every plumbing component in your home.

These are designed to meet your needs and maintain your plumbing system.

Check with Wayne, NJ services to see how they may affect you.