Practical Tips For A Healthy New Year

Practical Tips For A Healthy New Year

healthy-life2017 is here and a lot of people are turning over a new leaf, looking for ways to be healthier. If your New Year's resolutions include looking for ways to improve your own health and that of your family, we congratulate you.

But did you know that there could be some hidden health dangers inside your home that are undermining your efforts? Thankfully, you can do something about it.

Keep Your Faucets Clean

leaking-faucetYou're probably already aware of the importance of keeping the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom clean and disinfected to help keep germs in check. But your cleaning routine probably doesn't include looking after the inside of your faucet.

It's normal for mineral deposits to form on the aerator of your tap. The fine mesh of the aerator can also trap particles suspended in the water. There's a possibility that, if you have an aging plumbing system, tiny pieces of lead have separated from your pipes or their joints and gotten lodged in the aerator. If this situation persists for a long time, your family could be at risk of getting lead poisoning.

To clean the aerator:

  • Unscrew the aerator using pliers or a wrench
  • Disassemble it, taking note of how the pieces fit together
  • Gently scrub the components with an old toothbrush
  • You can also leave them to soak in white vinegar to dissolve stuck on mineral deposits
  • Put the aerator back together and reinstall it on the tap

Slow Running Drains

clogged-drainsA sink or bathtub that takes an unusually long time to empty is the sign of a clog within your pipes. Many people believe that this is not a big deal and it just requires a bit of extra patience. In fact, a clog can contribute to a health hazard.

If clean water is left standing for too long, it will eventually become stagnant and dangerous bacteria like legionella will form. That risk is exponentially greater if the water is dirty.

That's why it's very important to eliminate clogs as soon as they become apparent. A plumbing professional equipped with the right tools will quickly locate the clog and determine the best approach to remove it.

Water Safety Concerns

Did you know that water from virtually any water treatment facility in the land is likely to contain trace elements of dangerous contaminants like lead, aluminum, thallium, and arsenic? Of course, the water is constantly monitored to make sure that the concentration levels of these disease-causing chemicals remain within acceptable guidelines.

If you would prefer to have water that is completely pure and free of chemical contaminants, your best solution is a whole home water filtration system. These devices, available in reverse osmosis or carbon filter models, can virtually eliminate the chemicals and other contaminants in your water so that you have fresh clean tasting water coming from your taps all the time.

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