Frozen Pipes Thawing and Prevention: A Quick and Easy Guide

Frozen Pipes Thawing and Prevention: A Quick and Easy Guide

winterize_your_homeFrozen pipes are one of the leading structural challenges homeowners face during the North American wintertime. The problem can lead to a lack of heat in the home, and limited water access while waiting for a resolution.

And so, for those who have encountered this challenge in the past, it’s important to take a proactive stance on frozen pipe thawing, and on preventing the problem in the future. In this latest article, we’ll offer our quick and easy guide to mitigating problems with frozen pipes.

Review Exterior Plumbing

The plumbing in the exterior areas of your home could become frozen over time. These are the areas in which your home is most at risk due to the dropping temperatures. It’s important that any exterior hoses are disconnected from the home, and any water in the hoses is drained to prevent a frozen blockage.

It’s also important that you drain any extra liquid in your sprinklers, and turn off the system for the wintertime. This can help prevent future problems with the structure of the exterior plumbing system.

Let the Hot Water Run

One reason that pipes freeze during cooler temperatures is the water in them is static. In cooler temperatures, this can quickly lead to problems with freezing. Homeowners can help counteract problems with frozen pipes by allowing the hot water in their systems to run periodically throughout the winter season. This will ensure they retain a warm environment in the pipes.

Use a Hair Dryer or Heat Lamp for Thawing

heating_efficiency_winterize_homeIf you have noticed a problem with freezing pipes a little too late to prevent the issue, there are number actions you can take to thaw the area. One great option is to simply use a hair dryer and blow warm air on the pipes for a short period of time.

The high heat from the hair dryer will heat the moisture in the pipes, restoring optimal flow in the home. For stubborn frozen patches, you might choose to focus a heat lamp on the area for a few hours. This will ensure you’re able to attend to other tasks around the home as the pipes thaw.

Working with trusted plumbers to manage your frozen pipe issues, you can save money and restore the optimal functionality of your system. Our team is available around the clock to address any plumbing challenges you might face this winter. To learn more or to book a consultation with PHD Mechanical, in Wayne, NJ call us at 973-492-5931 today.