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The Importance of Wrapping up And Maintaining Hoses

The Importance of Wrapping up And Maintaining Hoses

Of all the plumbing issues that you think about and worry about, properly maintaining your garden hoses is probably not at the top of the list. Let’s be honest, it’s probably not even at the top of your outdoor plumbing maintenance list. Yet, properly caring for and maintaining your hoses can actually help you avoid some plumbing issues and it will help you save water and money.

So, while you might not consider it a priority, taking a moment to focus on wrapping up and maintaining your hoses is an easy way to ensure that your outdoor plumbing is working properly and that you aren’t wasting water. Today we’ll talk about why this is important and the benefits of paying a little more attention to how you store your hose.

Garden and Outdoor Plumbing

gardenplumbingIf you’re going to care for your lawn and garden throughout the year, you’ll need a working hose. Too often, hoses are tossed to the side of the house, left stretched out on the patio or even just left in the middle of the yard. It seems pretty harmless to just leave your hose around.

However, if you don’t wrap up your hose, it significantly decreases the hose’s lifespan. You need to have a hose that is accessible and that works. In order to protect your hose and to make it last as long as possible, it’s always important to wrap it up after use.

Consider adding a reel, cart or rack to your outdoor area to make it easier to wrap up and protect your hose after every use. And, while you’re at it, don’t forget about your sprinklers and other garden plumbing tools. Whenever you use these, take the time to ensure that they’re working properly and then safely store them after use.

The Risk of Sun Breakage

sunbreakageOne of the most common problems that arise from improperly taking care of your garden hose is sun breakage. If your hose is regularly left out to face the sun and the weather, it will continually break down. The unfortunate result is that you’ll be constantly replacing your hose.

This is expensive, inefficient and inconvenient. An easy way to drastically extend the lifespan of your hose is to wrap it up after each use and ensure that it is not regularly exposed to the sun and severe weather.

Water Use And Wasted Water

wateruseAnother issue that arises from not properly maintaining your hose is the formation of leaks throughout the hose. As you can imagine, this means that you will be wasting water every time that you use your hose.

Not only is this a poor use of this limited resource, but it also means that you’ll be paying more on your water bill. Avoid wasting water and wasting money by wrapping up and caring for your hose.

At PHD Mechanical Inc we want you to know that if you’re not already doing so, get in the habit of properly wrapping up and storing your garden hoses after each use. Doing so is an easy way to take better care of your yard, your wallet, and the planet.