How To Choose Between Copper and Plastic Piping Systems?

How To Choose Between Copper and Plastic Piping Systems?

If we had a dollar for every time this question was asked us here in Wayne, we’d all be rich! However, as much as we would love to provide a quick and concise answer to that question, you may leave this article with other questions of your own.

However you will have more complete knowledge of how both copper and plastic pipes work, including the advantages and disadvantages of both, will only help you more accurately decide which piping system is right for your home. That’s what we hope to teach you today.

Let’s Talk Pros of Copper Pipes

copperwaterpipesThere are many pros associated with having copper pipes in your home. Copper is an extremely durable metal that also simultaneously creates what is known as a biostatic atmosphere, which means that bacteria find it very difficult to thrive.

Copper is also resistant to corrosion, as well as being safe to use outdoors (as it is resistant to ultraviolet rays). Another pro of using copper piping is that it is a nonpermeable material, so outside contaminants are unable to permeate through the walls and affect your water supply.

It is also a long-lasting material, so it is great for the environment as well as being a resource that is available in abundance in New Jersey. One additional pro of copper piping systems is that they do add increased value to a home, as they are the more “traditional” option (especially in older homes).

So What About Plastic Pipes?

plasticpipesPlastic pipes are fairly new on the market. Most plastic pipes are actually made out of a material called cross-linked polyethylene (or PEX). PEX is incredibly flexible and is also resistant to colder temperatures.

The flexibility of a PEX piping system allows for it to fit into unusually sized and shaped areas, which gives it a distinct advantage over a copper piping system. Plastic pipes also have fewer joints, which can make installation much easier.

These types of piping systems are also considered recyclable, which makes them environmentally friendly as well. They are also cost-efficient, which can be a big issue for anyone considering repiping their home.

What is The Easiest Way to Repipe My Home?

repipingIf you’re at a place where you either need to or are just considering repiping your home, you’re probably asking yourself which type of piping system would be the easiest to install. We’re here to help! In almost all cases, repiping with PEX piping system is going to be far easier in both install and upkeep.

Traditional copper pipes do last a long time, but when it comes to repiping, PEX takes the obvious advantage. So give PHD Mechanical Inc a call at (973) 492-5931 if you’re considering repiping your home or are just looking for advice on your current piping system.

We can help walk you through your options and give guidance on what will be best for your specific situation. We’re local to Wayne, and have plenty of experience in piping systems in New Jersey.