Fall Leaves Can Cause An Issue With Sewer Cleaning

Wayne NJ Plumbing Experts Give Advice On Fall Sewer Cleaning

For the homeowners of New Jersey, the autumn weather brings with it beautiful foliage. Unfortunately, as the foliage season wanes, leaves start to accumulate throughout yards, streets, and even within the sewer system. It is more important than ever that the sewer system is cleaned properly.

Summer has now come and gone, and the fall has made an appearance on the East Coast. A main attraction in the Autumn is the beautiful foliage that erupts in the trees. Inevitably, however, the colorful leaves will wither and die thus falling to the ground. This will cause many homeowners to break out the rakes and lawn bags.

While raking your yard is aesthetically pleasing, it also has other important functions; such as keeping the fallen leaves and debris away from your sewer. Dead leaves can clog your sewer potentially causing costly and messy repairs. Sewer cleaning during the fall can prevent this from happening, and contacting us can help you with that!

A Glance At A Sewer System

sewer system PHD MechanicalThe sewer system is an essential part of any home’s construction. Without it, residents would not be able to enjoy the modern lifestyle they have become accustomed to. The sewer system is a set of pipes that are fueled by gravity.

When a toilet is flushed, or a tub is drained, the wastewater flows into a set of pipes that generally runs downhill. These pipes meet up with a larger sewer pipe called the main sewer line. The main sewer line runs away from the home (usually runs down the street).

As the wastewater travels, the pipes increase in size to accommodate the amount of wastewater being collected from the various buildings until it reaches a treatment plant. Another equally important component of the sewer system is the vent pipes. These pipes are connected to the wastewater sewer pipes and extend vertically through the home. Vent pipes are important for three reasons:

  1. Vent pipes help maintain a stable air pressure so gravity can do its job correctly.
  2. They also allow oxygen to have access to the interior of the sewer pipes which helps the breakdown of bacteria.
  3. Most importantly, vent pipes release the harmful gases emitted from the wastewater to the outside versus inside the home.

The three functions above are why removing fallen leaves is so important. The gutters we see at the side of the road work as the main sewer lines ventilation system. When they become clogged with leaves and other debris, it can cause a backup into your home. This is why Sewer cleaning is essential in the fall.

The Seriousness Of A Main Drain Line Obstruction

main drain line PHD MechanicalWhen a home has a surface level clog, it will be isolated to the one area in particular. For example, if you have a clog in your toilet, plunging the issue should take care of it, or at the very least relieve some of the pressure.

You will notice, however, that the issue will be contained to the one toilet. When you have a main drain line clog, all of the draining systems in the home can be affected. A few things to look for are backed up drains throughout the house, water or sewage coming back into the house, and an unpleasant sewage odor coming from the drains and toilets.

All of these symptoms can indicate it’s time to have your main sewer line inspected and cleaned. It is also important to note that leaves and debris are not the only reason your main sewer line can become clogged. Tree roots, broken, sagging, and leaking sewer pipes, and inappropriate items being flushed down the toilet can all contribute to a clogged main drain.

The Effects Of Sewage In The Home

sewage PHD MechanicalThe worst possible side effect of not having your sewer cleaned is the back up of sewage in the home. Not only is this extremely unhealthy, but it can be very costly to repair and clean. Raw sewage contains many harmful bacteria that cause illness and in some cases death.

Bacteria and viruses are easily spread through sewage, and it can even affect your pets. Other harmful contaminants such as fungi, harmful gases, pesticides, and protozoan are found in sewage.

Being exposed to these for even a short amount of time can be detrimental to your health. It is especially concerning for elderly individuals, small children, and animals. There is also the added concern of cleaning the sewage after the spill.

This can be very costly to the homeowner and has potential risks itself as sewage backups can even cause a fire. To avoid this altogether, it is recommended that your sewer be cleaned annually. The fall is the best time for this as it will eliminate any added risk of clogs due to fallen leaves.

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