History of Indoor Plumbing Facts and Tidbits

History of Indoor Plumbing Facts and Tidbits

Indoor Plumbing and Tidbits - PHD Mechanical IncIn this latest post, we thought we’d introduce you to the history of indoor plumbing around the world. You might have an idea about how indoor plumbing was invented, but there are interesting stories charting the evolution of the industry.

And in this latest post, our experts at PHD Mechanical, Inc. in Wayne, NJ explore some of the most interesting facts and tidbits.

Toilets in the Indus Valley Civilization

It may surprise you to learn that the Indus Valley civilization of 2350 BCE had their own toilets in their homes. While the toilets were archaic by modern standards, they did provide a form of privacy that was unseen in other civilizations of the time.

This was the very first beginnings of toilets being used, and water flowed from homes to nearby cesspools and waterways.

Roman Engineering

Roman Engineering - PHD Mechanical IncBy the time the Roman Empire began its ascent to power, indoor plumbing was becoming a vital element in communities around the globe.

In Roman times, aqueducts were built to transport water to areas around the region and public toilets were built so that local people could move around town while having access to toilet amenities.

The Romans were also the first civilization to separate indoor plumbing areas by use. They had separate pipelines for cleaning water, bathing water and cooking water.

Flush Toilets in Versailles

Foul Smells Coming From Toilet - PHD Mechanical IncVersailles, France in the 18th century was a dirty environment in which waste was piling in the streets. Local villagers would throw their waste out of the window to the streets below.

This was a cause of consternation for the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette. She had a flush toilet made for the Palace of Versailles, and she would be one of the first and most noted people to own their very own flush toilet system.

Sensor Technology in Japan

Bathroom with Sensor Technology - PHD Mechanical IncBy 1986, our understanding of bacteria and germs was growing to the point that we realized the problems associated with constantly used touch-to-flush toilets.

Flush toilet systems with sensors were invented in Japan in 1986. These systems could sense when a person moved away from the toilet, and would automatically trigger the flush.

From the very first toilets of ancient times to the modern sensor systems, the indoor plumbing available to the modern user has changed substantially over the years.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick trip into the past and we look forward to helping you learn more about your home systems in the coming months!