How to Conserve Water and Still Have Summertime Fun

How to Conserve Water and Still Have Summertime Fun


Children Run through the Sprinklers - PHD Mechanical IncSummer is in full swing in New Jersey, and your family is probably busy enjoying every minute of sunshine you can get.

However, this is also a great time of year to stop and think about water conservation, and how your family is doing their part to preserve this precious resource.

Perhaps you’re trying to find ways to cut down on your water bills, or are really keen on lowering your total water usage.

With this quick guide, you’ll find fun and refreshing methods to conserve water at home this summer while still having all the summer fun you need.

Conserving Water and Having Fun this Summer

Conserving Water and Having Fun this Summer - PHD Mechanical IncWhy not make water conservation into a game that your whole family can participate in?

Get together with your family and sit down to create bingo cards for each member. Brainstorm some ways on how your family can cut down water every day, including:

  • Keeping showers under 5 minutes in length
  • Turning off the taps while teeth are being brushed
  • Choosing a shower over a bath to save water

Whoever completes their bingo card the quickest can win a prize, such as choosing the next film for family movie-night, getting their favorite summer sweet, or perhaps even getting a week off from chores.

Other Efficient and Fun Outdoor Water Activities

Barrel full of Clean Water - PHD Mechanical Inc

  • Get outside and play in the rain, as long as there is no lightning present
  • Save your rainwater in a barrel and use it to have some water-based play, make water balloons, or wash off dirty sand toys
  • Invest in a small pool that comes with a cover, minimizing the amount of evaporation from the pool

Using Water Hoses and Sprinklers

Children Run through the Sprinklers - PHD Mechanical IncPlaying in the spray of a water hose or running through a sprinkler are both great ways to stay cool and have fun in the summer. Although these activities may be great exercise, they also use up a great amount of water.

Thankfully, there are ways to make these activities less water-heavy. Let your child run through the sprinkler as it’s watering your garden, or spray them with the water hose while you’re watering your flowers.

This way, the water is being used for a specific purpose, but your child still gets to experience the classic joys of summer.