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Want to Save Money in 2018? This Guide Will Help You Save on Your Water Bill

The cost of using water in Wayne, NJ is rising thanks to hot summer weather causing droughts, industrial and farming pollution and higher city maintenance costs.

Residents need to know that they can slash the cost of their water bills by making sure that their plumbing is in good working order and also by learning how to conserve and reuse city water. All that this requires is simple changes to your daily lifestyle and a new awareness of how your usual routines could be costing you a lot of money.

Use a Car Wash Instead of City Water to Wash Your Vehicle

Car WashRather than wash your vehicle at home, take it to the drive-through car wash. Washing your car with a hose hooked up to a city water supply can get very expensive.

It can take hundreds of gallons of water to do the job right and most of the water that you use ends up running down the driveway asphalt and into the city sewer grates.

Commercial car washes are required by law to dispose of the recycled water that they use to wash your car properly and they also use repurposed water to get your car clean.

Recycle Your Greywater into the Yard

Water PlantsA plumber can easily hook hoses up to your sink and appliances that direct wastewater from washing, known as greywater, from being flushed down the drain.

Instead, this water, which you have already paid for, can be used to water your lawn or garden or be used in water-based heating systems.

Greywater is best if the soap in it is biodegradable. Avoid using greywater that has been contaminated with human waste as it can cause vegetables growing in your garden to be tainted with E.coli bacteria.

Watch Out for Leaks

Water LeakIf you can’t find the source of a leak in your home, then have a plumber come in and inspect your entire home.

He should start with an inspection of your toilet water tank. A toilet with a leaky tank can waste about 200 gallons of city water per day, and this can add hundreds of dollars to your water bill.

A plumber will also look for signs of mold or mildew or stains to indicate concealed leaking pipes and then make recommendations as to how to fix these issues. If you have leaky faucets, they too must be replaced or fixed.

Take a Shower Instead of a Bath

ShowerTaking a shower is much less costly than taking a bath, and if you install low-flow showerheads, then you might cut down the water costs of bathing an additional thirty percent.

If you must have a bath then be sure to only fill it with a couple of inches of water to cut down on costs. Filling a bathtub all of the way can take up to fifty gallons of water.