Plumbing Maintenance

Try These 4 Leak Preventing Tips That Will Result in a Healthier Plumbing System!

Try These 4 Leak Preventing Tips That Will Result in a Healthier Plumbing System!

Have you given much thought to the health of your plumbing system? It’s worth thinking about. That’s because the healthier your plumbing system is, the less likely it is to leak, and no homeowner wants to deal with the aftermath of plumbing leaks.

If you are unfamiliar with your plumbing system and how it works, rest assured learning this kind of preventative maintenance is easy and well worth the time that it takes. Ready to start? We’ve compiled our best tips to help you take care of your plumbing best.

Don’t Use Commercial Clog Removers

Chemical Clog RemoverWhen you have a clog, you do everything that you can in a hurry to get rid of it. However, pouring a clog remover down the drain isn’t a good idea.

Drain Cleaners are full of hydrochloric acid, which will break down the clog material, but it is also breaking down your pipes at the same time.

Want an idea that will keep your pipes in better health? Find ways to avoid the need for clog removal, by maintaining your plumbing. Schedule a regular drain cleaning with your Wayne, NJ plumber. Don’t let food matter, hair, grease or other objects fall down the drain.

Keep Your Water Pressure Under Control

Low Water PressureWhen your water pressure is elevated, it puts a lot of strain on your plumbing which could cause it to break and leak.

You should check your pressure regularly to make sure that it is in check. There is a range that is acceptable, from about 45-60 psi. Don’t go over 60 psi though.

It can be helpful to install a water pressure regulator to help with that.

How to Identify Leaks

Identify a LeakBe proactive in finding leaks before they develop into something more damaging. You don’t have to wait until you see a flood or severe water damage to realize that you have a leak.

Some common signs to watch for are moisture gathering on pipes, pooling water, rust, mold growth, peeling paint or wallpaper, rising water bills that you can’t explain or a dropping water pressure.

Avoid Pipe Corrosion

Pipe CorrosionOver time, you may experience corrosion in your pipes, which can cause serious leaks, however, this can be slowly prevented.

You can slow down this process by upgrading your copper pipes to PVC. Make sure to check the anode rods in your water heater, because they will rust; that rusty water could cause further corrosion through your plumbing.

For extra leak protection, make sure that the seals around your pipes are intact. That’s a notorious spot for leaks!