New Pipes

8 Benefits of Drain Cleaning That You Will Notice All Year Long

Clean pipes and drains have lasting benefits that you and your family will appreciate all year. This includes saying goodbye to clogs, avoiding backups and floods, getting rid of funny noises behind the walls, and even the added bonus of lower water bills.

Here are eight reasons why you should call your local Wayne, NJ plumber right away in 2018 to schedule drain cleaning:

1. Elimination of Clogs and Slow Drains

Clogged PipeOver time, debris, waste, mineral deposits, and other obstructions can build up along pipe walls, causing reduced water flow.

In the beginning, the result of these blockages will be slower drains. However, if left unchecked, these obstructions can intensify into full-blown clogs, resulting in backups, overflows, and even floods.

Professional drain cleaning will seek out and remove these clogs and restore free-flowing water throughout your home.

2. Prevention of Foul Odors

A buildup of waste within the plumbing system can result in foul odors permeating your entire home.

Unfortunately, the sources of these odors are typically untouchable without professional tools and assistance, and you'll be stuck with the smell until you get your drains cleaned.

3. No More Noisy Pipes

Unwanted Noise

Disruptions in water flow through the pipe system can be a source for squeaking and cracking noises that are audible through the walls.

Drain cleaning removes the obstructions, and in doing so opens up the pipes, reduces pressure in the lines, and eliminates those annoying sounds as well.

4. Encourage Pipe Longevity

Pipe and drain systems that are well cared for with regular expert cleaning will have a longer lifespan, and this will also help to maintain the property value of the structure.

5. Money in Your Pocket

Save Money

Poorly maintained and clogged plumbing systems can result in corroded pipes that may end with water leaks and increasing water bills.

You can avoid such costly scenarios with annual drain cleaning, which will also give your plumber a chance to locate other possible problem areas that could crop up in the future, giving you time to do some preventative maintenance.

6. Reduce the Risk of Mold and Bacteria Growth

Clogs in drains and pipe systems can encourage the accumulation of standing water and puddles, which can become fertile grounds for harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew.

The only way to get rid of these pathogen breeding grounds is by getting rid of the clogs that are allowing the water to build-up in your bathroom and kitchen basins.

7. Overflows and Floods are Yesterday’s News

When pipe systems are allowed to accumulate buildup, debris, and waste along the pipe walls, the risk of overflows and flooding increases.

The consequences can be devastating, draining you of valuable resources, time, and money.

8. Lower Risk of Dirty Plumbing Work

Clean WaterIf clogs are allowed to compound, the result could be you having to invest in major plumbing work to remedy the issue.

Regular professional drain and pipe cleaning will provide peace of mind from knowing that the plumbing system is operating cleanly and efficiently.

The benefits of professional drain cleaning are undeniable, and are certainly something you'll notice all year long.

Clogs and slow drains in your pipes can strain the plumbing system, shortening its lifespan and potentially leading to invasive plumbing work.

What’s more, all of this comes at a great cost to your wallet and comfort, and it can all be avoided with affordable and efficient professional drain cleaning.