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How to Get Heating Systems Ready for Fall and Winter 

It might not be too cold in New Jersey now, but the warmer temperatures will soon be replaced with cool temperatures as fall and winter arrive. In order to ensure their heating system is up to the challenge of keeping the house warm and comfortable all winter, it’s essential for homeowners to schedule heater maintenance services, and now is the best time. 

In this post, heating contractors provide expertise on why now is the best time to schedule heater maintenance, why routine tune-ups are beneficial, and what happens during an inspection.

Benefits of Maintaining the Heater

saveHVAC contractors recommend routine heater maintenance as the best way for households to keep their heating running throughout the fall and winter. Some of the advantages these heating maintenance services provide include:

  • Lower energy bills due to improving energy efficiency
  • Keep the unit running correctly for longer with fewer issues and repairs
  • More even and consistent heating throughout the house
  • Increased indoor air quality
  • Extends the heater’s life expectancy

What Does Heater Maintenance Entail?

filterWhen a homeowner schedules heating system maintenance, it involves a complete system inspection. During these services, a property owner can expect a contractor to perform essential tasks like:

  • Examine the system and look for defects, damage, or signs of wear and tear that must be addressed.
  • Apply lubrication to components as needed, and ensure they are clean and free of debris and dirt.
  • Check and adjust the thermostat if needed.
  • Check the gas connections and gas pressure. 
  • Replace the air filters, if needed, or instruct homeowners how to replace them.

While these heating tune-ups are recommended at least once a year, homeowners should typically change their system’s air filters at least every three months. This will improve the indoor air quality in a home and allow the heating system to operate more efficiently.

Isn’t It Too Early to Worry About the Heater?

If it seems too early to schedule heater maintenance services - it’s not. Heating technicians recommend early fall for these services, as scheduling an appointment now allows professionals to inspect the unit before the cold weather arrives and gives contractors time to make any needed repairs. 

Scheduling heating maintenance in the fall also allows property owners to enjoy more flexible scheduling options, as summer and winter are the busiest times for HVAC contractors. If homeowners wait too long to schedule inspections, there will be many more property owners who are also trying to schedule maintenance and heating repair services. 

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