Plumbing Basics Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Going Back to School With Plumbing 101

There are countless issues homeowners can encounter at their property. However, plumbing issues require immediate attention as they can lead to worse problems, spikes in utility bills, and costly water damage. To prevent plumbing emergencies and save homeowners money, plumbers break down some basics every homeowner needs to know about their plumbing system, including that fixtures can be installed to save water and money, how to identify potential problems, and why scheduling routine maintenance is essential. 

Plumbing Fixture Upgrades Can Save Water

tubWhile homeowners might focus on their piping systems and larger appliances - like water heaters - wasting water, plumbing fixtures that households use daily, like faucets, shower heads, and toilets, can be just as problematic. These can form leaks that cause water bills to increase. 

To prevent these problems, experts recommend watching for signs of a leak, having them inspected regularly to identify issues, and scheduling a plumbing fixture installation to replace faulty fixtures with more water-efficient ones that can reduce water usage and save on water bills. 

Some examples of these water-saving fixtures are:

  • Water-saving toilets: These water-efficient toilets use less water with each flush and come in many types, such as gravity-assist toilets and dual-flush toilets.
  • Water-saving showerheads: Low-flow showerheads use less water than standard ones while providing good water pressure.
  • Water-saving faucets: Water-efficient faucets with aerators use less water and still provide good water pressure by using air.

Common Signs of Plumbing Problems

billHomeowners must recognize the signs of plumbing problems as fast as possible to prevent water damage and expensive repairs and utility bills. Some of the signs to watch for indicating professional plumbing services are needed are:

  • Low water pressure due to leaks, clogs, or other issues that need to be fixed by professionals
  • Odd sounds like banging metal, rumbling, or crackling, and the sound of running water when no fixture is on can indicate plumbing issues that need to be solved by a plumber. 
  • Foul odors coming from the plumbing can signal a clog or another problem with a sewer line. 
  • Slow drains in sinks or showers can indicate a clog or blockage that needs to be removed.
  • Higher than normal water bills can indicate a leak in the plumbing. 

The Importance of Maintenance

One of the most important pieces of advice plumbers give homeowners is to schedule routine plumbing maintenance services. During these appointments, the plumber can perform the following tasks to prevent problems, help the plumbing last longer, and help homeowners save money on their utility bills:

  • Check for signs of leaks or corrosion in the pipes
  • Check the home’s water pressure to ensure it’s at the correct setting
  • Look for evidence of water damage around the house, including mold and mildew
  • Inspect the faucets, shower heads, bathtubs, and sinks for malfunctioning parts and damage
  • Perform drain cleaning services to remove buildups and prevent clogs and blockages
  • Examine the water heater for leaks or corrosion and ensure it operates correctly.
  • Drain and flush the hot water tank to remove sediment and improve energy efficiency
  • Inspect the water heater’s valves and anode rod to ensure they don’t need replacing

Scheduling routine maintenance allows plumbers to identify and repair minor issues in plumbing systems before they get larger and require emergency repairs. 

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