This Halloween, Avoid a Frightening Plumbing Emergency

How to Prevent Potentially Scary Plumbing Problems

When it comes to scary stories for homeowners this Halloween, the scariest could be plumbing issues that cause high water costs, flooding, and water damage. Leaking pipes, aging water heaters, and clogged sewer lines can lead to additional plumbing problems that must be repaired quickly before they cause more damage and major inconveniences to households. This blog post will provide tips to help homeowners prevent plumbing problems and their effects.  

Tips to Avoid Clogs

drain Sewer line clogs are a common plumbing problem homeowners may encounter. A blocked sewer line can cause inconveniences like slow draining, sewage backups, and frequently clogged toilets. Luckily, there are many ways for people to prevent clogs. One way to prevent clogged sewer lines is scheduling hydro jet drain cleaning, the drain cleaning method best for preventing clogs.

Families should also be careful about what items they flush down the toilet. Only waste and toilet paper should be flushed. Additionally, people should be careful about what they put down the drain. Letting food go down the kitchen sink drain can lead to tough clogs. Some of the most problematic food waste for the plumbing are:

  • Cooking oils, fats, and grease
  • Eggshells
  • Pasta and other starches
  • Coffee grounds
  • Stringy foods and vegetables

Get Plumbing Maintenance 

To prevent emergency plumbing problems, plumbers also recommend that homeowners get routine maintenance on their plumbing systems. Ideally, these services should be performed by a plumber every year to keep the pipes flowing properly and identify issues with the system that need repair before they lead to worse problems. 

During these maintenance appointments, plumbers will perform important tasks and inspections of the fixtures and piping that help prevent future problems, help the plumbing last longer, and save homeowners money by preventing and catching issues early. 

Get Water Heater Maintenance 

water heater If a home’s water heater malfunctions, it can quickly lead to high water heating costs, water damage, or leave a household without hot water. Fortunately, scheduling routine maintenance on the water heater can prevent problems from occurring, extend the water heater’s lifespan, improve its efficiency, and save homeowners money on repair and energy costs. During water heater maintenance, a plumber can perform the following tasks:

  • Check for the system for leaks and corrosion
  • Drain and flush the tank to remove sediment and mineral buildup 
  • Check the pressure relief valve 
  • Inspect the anode rod and replace it if it’s in bad condition 
  • Check the temperature settings

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