Symptoms to Get Repiping Homeowners Need to Know

Common Signs You Need Repiping

Aging or malfunctioning pipes can cause many issues for homeowners, including leaks, burst pipes, and water damage. It’s essential for property owners to recognize the signs they need repiping services to help avoid these costly problems by getting their old and decaying pipes replaced with strong new ones. 

Home repiping can assure homeowners that their pipes are functioning correctly and that they won’t need to deal with leaks, rusty water, or reduced water pressure anytime soon. In this post, plumbing experts provide tips on what symptoms property owners can watch for that signal they may need repiping services as soon as possible.

Leaks and Pipe Repairs Are Common

When determining if a home needs to be repiped, homeowners should ask themselves if they’ve had multiple leaks or pipe repairs recently. Leaking pipes can be extremely costly for property owners. They waste water, raise water bills, and can create a mess of water damage that needs cleaning and repairing. In addition to paying high water costs and paying to restore their home, homeowners must also pay to repair the leak. 

If a home starts to experience frequent leaks or needs frequent repairs on the pipes, it indicates the piping may be old, damaged, or corroded. It can be more cost-effective to replace the entire piping system when this is the case to avoid future leaks and pipe repairs. Plumbers will advise homeowners on the best solution for their homes after inspecting the condition of the pipes. 

Low Water Pressure

showerIf a homeowner steps into the shower or turns on the faucet and notices the water pressure is much lower than it should be, it can raise a flag that something’s wrong. They might initially run through a checklist of what could be causing the problem. Is there a leak or clog in the system? Numerous issues can cause reduced water pressure, including leaks, corrosion, clogs, and blockages. A plumber will inspect the piping to determine the reason behind the water pressure problems and how to fix them. 

They will also check the pipes to determine their age and condition. If pipes are older and corroded, and that’s what’s causing poor water pressure, the plumber will likely recommend repiping. If leaks reduce the water pressure, plumbers will determine if they can be repaired or need replacement. Most blockages can be repaired, but the plumber might recommend replacing the pipes if they are severe enough and in many places. 

Water Has a Strange Color or Smell

sinkWhen homeowners look at the water coming out of their tap and think, “Hmm, that looks a little cloudy or orange,” it can signal they need plumbing help immediately. Discolored water - or water with a strange odor - can indicate issues like pipe corrosion or bacteria in the water. 

When pipes corrode, rust can enter the water. This often results in a weird smell and cloudy, brown, orange, or yellow-tinted water. Bacteria or contaminants can also cause odd smells in water. To resolve these problems, plumbers will inspect the system to determine the cause and may recommend repiping a house. 

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