Plumbing Tools to Keep at Home

Plumbing Tools to Keep at Home

There are plenty of tools that you should have at home, and when it comes to your plumbing system, there are at least three that you should absolutely have. If you're looking to upgrade, wanting to buy your first tools, or just aren't sure where to start, here's a short list of the plumbing tools you should have at home.

Three Reasons to Have a Pipe Wrench

Tvintage pipe wrenchhe most versatile type of pipe wrench to have is a medium-sized straight pipe wrench. It'll be ideal for most basic jobs around the house.

  1. You'll never say goodbye to something you drop down the drain again.

Things lost down the drains in your kitchen or bathroom aren't really lost, and you can actually retrieve them with the help of the right tool. That tool is the pipe wrench, which you can use to loosen off the pipe fittings around the P-trap, find your lost item, and fit the trap back on so it can continue catching runaway personal items.

  1. You can get rid of stubborn clogs.

Plungers are great (more on that later), but sometimes a clog is so big that not even suction can remove it. In that case, the pipe wrench comes in handy because you can take off the clogged pipe and physically remove the blockage.

  1. You can do minor plumbing work on your own.

If you’ve ever had a fitting come loose or had a pipe burst or break, you know how much of a headache water leaks can be. With the pipe wrench, you can easily remove the problem pipe and replace it, or tighten up loose fittings to stop the leaks.

One Good Reason to Have a Plunger

You should actually have two plungers: a flange plunger for the toilet and a cup plunger for everything else.


There's no good reason to continue buying chemical drain cleaners when you have a couple of good plungers around the house. With the right plunger, you can remove almost any clog from the lines in your toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers. That includes getting out waste, hair, food, and anything else that might be blocking your drains.

Two Times a Caulker Can Help You

You can't actually apply caulk without a caulking gun because the caulk is designed to come out of the tube under pressure. For plumbing-tools-to-havve-at-home-plungerthe most convenience, look for a caulk gun that has a clipper on the handle to cut the tip, and a prod on the side to pierce the seal.

  1. Sealing windows and doors

Cracks around windows and doors are huge energy drains, because they let hot air in and cold air out in the summer, and vice versa in winter. Seal these leaks with caulk and you'll save money, save energy, and have better control over the temperature in your home.

  1. Keeping bathrooms sealed tight

In the bathroom, caulk prevents water from getting in between tiles and into grout, and this will help prevent mold and mildew from taking root and protect your grout and tiles from water damage.

If you need help with any of these tools or steps or need assistance with a bigger problem, call the experts at PhD Mechanical, Inc, in Wayne, NJ. at 973-492-5931. We’re available 24/7 to help with all your plumbing needs, including regular maintenance, repairs, and plumbing emergencies.