What’s Causing Your Toilet to Run Constantly

What’s Causing Your Toilet to Run Constantly

It’s a common occurrence to hear your toilet running, even when it's not in use, but it could be a signal that there’s a more serious problem.

A leaking toilet can cost you significantly more on your monthly utilities, reduce water pressure in your home, and if the water is leaking out onto your floor or walls, lead to more serious property damage issues.

So what should you do? Before you take a DIY approach to your toilet repairs, take the time to learn a little more about a leaking toilet, and what could be causing the issue altogether.

The Toilet Flapper May be to Blame

flapperFor most homes, there is a traditional toilet assembly with the tank behind the toilet. This tank houses the entire flushing mechanism, which keeps water flowing and draining through your toilet with every flush.

The one part of the system that is in charge of this process is the flapper. The toilet flapper is essentially a rubber or plastic flap that sits over the drainage pipe that leads into your toilet. When you flush the toilet, this valve lifts, releasing water into your toilet, and then seals, allowing the tank to refill.

Because of this integral role in the process, it could be a common reason why your toilet is constantly running. If the flap does not have a tight seal over that drainage pipe, it could continuously allow water to flow through. This is often what contributes to that constant sound or running water.

What Else Causes Running Toilets?

runningtoiletAside from the flapper, there are a few other reasons your toilet could be running. For one, it could have to do with the water supply line that leads to your toilet.

If that valve is loose, damaged, or older, it could allow too much water to make its way into your toilet. This can easily be inspected visually (the valve directly behind your toilet), or manually.

All you have to do is open and close the valve to see whether or not water is actually flowing through. Another common issue with toilets is water leaks in the actual porcelain or seals around the connections.

Because these connections are constantly in contact with water, they can deteriorate over time. Eventually, that weakness will allow water to flow through, which is where you run into more serious issues like water stains and damage to bathroom plumbing, walls, and floors.

Prevent Leaky Toilets With Regular Maintenance

maintainThe flapper and flushing mechanism are critical to your toilets operation. If you haven't inspected them in some time, it may be time to take a look.

The best way to prevent a leaking toilet is with regular maintenance and care. If your toilet is still using a float flapping mechanics to flush, it could be time for an upgrade as well. Newer flappers and assemblies offer two-flush modes for added water savings and improved performance.

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