The Queen of Water Softeners?

The Queen of Water Softeners?

Under Pressure? We Will Rock You? We Are the Champions? If you don’t know the band or music we’re referencing, you may have been living musically deprived because Queen is one of the top bands in the world.

However, this time of year, the song that comes to mind most is Another One Bites the Dust. That’s because Spring has officially sprung and while that is generally a good thing, it certainly means a lot of dust is in the air.

That dust, among other things, can settle into your water supply exacerbating a hard water problem. Rather than biting the dust, you could wind up drinking it if you don’t address this issue. There is a way to address the problem and that is a water softener.

Hard Water Will Rock You

hardwaterYes, we’re keeping up with the Queen puns. Hard water isn’t exactly rock but it is full of minerals, which is close enough for the point of the joke. Specifically, hard water is primarily made up of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water supply.

During Spring, in particular, you can also find environmental dust settling into the water supply, adding to the hard water problems. Hard water can cause several problems, both in your home and for you personally.

The minerals in the water can exacerbate several skin and hair conditions like eczema or dandruff, adding to the discomfort. The minerals can impact things like laundry, wearing through clothes faster, and cleaning, leaving hard water spots on your dishes or countertops. So don't doubt us when we say water filtration systems really are needed!

Water Softeners Can Avoid Keeping Your Pipes Under Pressure

cleanwaterThere are easy solutions to address this hard water problem. The solution is a water softener system, which you can install for your house. Simply put, a water softener removes the dissolved amounts of calcium and magnesium in the water. This is done using a resin bed that the hard water passes through.

Acting as a filter, an ion exchange happens which leaves the now soft water free of minerals. The system does need occasional maintenance but that is generally just recharging the resin bed. Normally done with salt, this is a simple process that allows your water softener system operating like brand new again.

Water Softener Costs Are The Champions of Saving Money

watersoftenercostCertainly, the set up of a water softener system has an associated upfront cost but, in the long run, it has the potential to save you a ton of money.

Systems and setups are totally varied, including options for manual or automated resin bed regeneration, and they can be based on the severity of the hard water problem.

However, hard water can eventually cause buildups in your pipes, leading to costly repair bills and your system running less efficiently. Setting up the water softening system now can save you the nasty surprise of a big and unexpected repair bill.

It may sound like a crazy little thing but you will certainly love your water softening system. Ok, the Queen puns have probably been exhausted for now. Seriously, if you feel the need to address a hard water problem, a call to PhD Mechanical, Inc. is a fantastic first step. Simply call (973) 492-5931 and an expert will be happy to help.