Common Water Leaks to Watch Out For

Common Water Leaks to Watch Out For

Water leaks can be among the most dangerous situations a homeowner can face. They occur slowly and silently while being difficult to detect. It may be a long time before visible signs of water damage may present themselves. The resulting structural damage could be extensive and require pricey repairs. A leak could also significantly raise water consumption and utility costs.

It's possible to stop the damage by calling a Wayne, NJ plumbing service to conduct water leak detection, but can you prevent a leak before it starts? Before you can take preemptive measures, it's important to understand and identify the problem. Here are some of the most common causes of water leaks homeowners should watch out for.

Extreme Water Pressure

waterpressureIt can be enjoyable and make washing and bathing more efficient, but high water pressure can have a negative impact on your water pipes.

Too much pressure can add stress to the pipes and increase the likelihood of leakage. Every faucet and fixture is also designed to withstand a specific amount of pressure.

If the threshold is exceeded, it can lead to leaks anywhere within your home's plumbing. Contact a specialist to have your pipes examined if you're concerned about the water pressure.

Decay and Rust

corrosionrustDecaying water pipes, including those showing signs of rust, could lead to an overall disintegration of the materials. Some of the symptoms include warping or discoloration of the pipes.

Apart from affecting the water quality, rust can also result in a buildup of minerals and lead to clogs. This can cause all sorts of problems, including water leaks. If you notice any decay or rust, it's best to get in touch with a professional.

As water pipes age and undergo more wear and tear, they become more vulnerable to damage and leaks. The amount of sediment that builds up is also likely to increase, which can lead to blockages and clogs. This may increase the water pressure, which as we already know can increase the strain on plumbing and the likelihood of a leak.

Poor Water Quality

Water QualityWater quality can have an effect on your plumbing as well. Any contaminants in the water can also impact pipes and appliances. Even minerals, such as those found in hard water, can accumulate and leave behind residue inside every pipe and faucet.

It may be wise to consider installing a water filtration system or water softener. Running clean water through your home's pipes can sustain their life expectancy and decrease the need for water leak repair service. Several different factors may contribute to water leaks in a home.

One thing you can count on, however, is the high price of repairs if any leak goes undetected for long. Homeowners who are worried about water pressure, the state of their pipes or the quality of water running through their plumbing should reach out to a specialist and ask for water leak detection. It may save them from costly repairs and further damage.