Meet Female Pioneers in the Plumbing Industry

Celebrate Women's History Month and Learn About Women in Plumbing

Women’s History Month isn’t just about celebrating household names; it’s also about giving attention to some of history’s hidden figures. This blog will discuss trailblazing women in the plumbing industry and women in the industry today. People may be surprised to learn that women have played a more vital role in plumbing history than initially thought.

Women in the Plumbing Sector Today

women in the plumbing field According to recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, although women make up nearly 47 percent of the workforce, they only account for 1.1 percent of all plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters. Women are significantly underrepresented in the trades in general, including HVAC mechanics and installers (2.3 percent), construction laborers (4.9 percent), construction equipment operators (1.7 percent), and electricians (2.2 percent).

However, although plumbing is male-dominated, many women in the plumbing industry have become advocates for female inclusion and empowerment in the trades. Nonprofit organizations like Women in Plumbing & Piping are helping women succeed in the industry by providing education, scholarships, networking, and mentorships.

What Was the Ladies Auxiliary Committee for the National Association of Master Plumbers?

The lady's auxiliary committee for the National Association of Master Plumbers was initially created as a social club to occupy the plumbers’ wives while the master plumbers association held its annual convention. However, control of the group was handed over to the women in 1919, and everything changed.

When the women took over, the organization would transform into a platform for activism focusing on issues including the environment, sanitation and health, and labor. The group worked with legislators, fundraised, and lobbied. They also advocated for the Family and Medical Leave Act and cleaner public bathrooms like in gas stations.

Meet Lillian Ann Baumbach

Lillian Ann BaumbachLillian Ann Baumbach was born in 1930 and was the first woman to become a master plumber in the country. From a very early age, she held an unbreakable passion for plumbing. She went on many jobs with her father, a plumber who taught her the ropes. When she was 21 years old, she got the highest score in her class when getting certified as a plumber. From there, she started working at her father’s plumbing company, focusing on estimates and service repairs.

Baumbach was renowned for her beauty. During the Korean War, she was something of a pin-up girl, with many soldiers carrying her photo. She received countless letters throughout her lifetime, some even offering marriage proposals, and was a pen pal to many soldiers. Baumbach passed away from leukemia when she was 70 years old. Yet, her legacy lives on as one of America's first female plumbers.

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