Growth in Spring Can Wreak Havoc on the Plumbing

Is Your Landscaping Hurting Your Plumbing?

After a long winter, seeing green throughout the yard can be refreshing. Spring is a time for growth and renewal, as new blossoms bloom, trees grow, and a yard takes shape. But, while above ground, a yard might look impressive, underground, the growing tree roots can cause some ugly scenes with the plumbing system. 

April showers may bring May flowers, but new tree growth can cause problems with the plumbing, including tree roots growing into water and sewer lines. This blog will discuss the threat of growing tree roots to underground plumbing, what can occur, and how it can be fixed and prevented.

Intruding Tree Roots 

rootsWhile people might focus on the above-ground appearance of trees, leaf buds, and growing branches, the roots also grow underground. As they grow, they can intrude into the piping system because trees need water and nutrients in the soil to grow and sustain themselves, and they can find it in the pipes. 

Tree roots will grow and extend wherever they need to get the necessary water and nutrients to grow, leading them to break into a pipe through any weak points and then grow into the water or sewer lines. Unfortunately, this can wreak havoc on the pipes and affect the rest of the plumbing system above. 

Problems From Intruding Tree Roots 

rootsInvading tree roots can cause many issues with the plumbing, which may vary depending on whether it has entered water or sewer lines. Some of these will lead to problems homeowners may notice sooner than others. One of the first issues someone might see if tree roots have grown into sewer lines is slow-draining sinks. This indicates it has clogged or created a blockage in the pipe. Tree roots in the sewer line can also cause water and sewer backups. 

Homeowners might also notice water pressure problems, unusually high water bills, and leaks when tree roots have broken into water lines. If homeowners see signs like standing water outdoors or even a lawn that’s lusher than usual, these can all indicate a leak in the outdoor underground plumbing that may be from intruding tree roots. 

Solutions to Root Obstruction

If someone notices any signs around their property that could indicate a tree root invasion in the piping, it’s essential to call a professional to fix it. An experienced plumber can inspect the piping system with specialized equipment like video inspection equipment to determine if tree roots have intruded into the pipes and the location of the blockage and damage to the line. 

When they find the issue, they will first assess how much damage the tree roots have caused and then make a plan to remove the roots and repair or replace the pipe. A common method professionals use to remove tree roots is hydro jetting. It involves using a heavy stream of water and a special nozzle to eliminate the roots and other debris from the pipes. After removing the roots, the plumber will focus on repairs to the pipe and use trenchless methods if possible. 

An effective way to avoid plumbing problems due to tree roots is to use prevention measures. One such action is installing root barriers, which protect the pipes with a literal barrier underground. It’s also recommended to have the plumbing system inspected yearly to catch potential issues early before the worst of the effects can occur. This will allow plumbers to remove tree roots from the pipes before they cause more problems. 

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