4 Ways to Get Your Home Ready: Going on Vacation


summer-vacationWe take vacations to de-stress, to escape our daily routine and to experience something new and exciting.

All of the planning and relaxation comes to a screeching halt when we get home and experience an unpleasant surprise in the form of problems or damage to our home or property.

What if we told you that with some simple home maintenance planning and an eye for detail, you could avoid any unpleasant home maintenance issues when you get back from vacation?

By implementing some of these ideas, you can relax completely, knowing that your home is covered and protected.

How to Prevent Flooding, Water Damage or Burst Pipes

One of the most serious issues that can occur when you’re on vacation is a pipe bursting in your home. In these types of emergencies, quick action is required to reduce the damage. But if you aren’t home, there is no one there to call for a repair, and you will experience flooding and extensive water damage that will be expensive to fix.

The best way to prevent these types of issues is by completing shutting off the water in your home. Turning off the valve takes moments to do and will greatly reduce the damage if you end up with a leak or burst pipe.  

What is that smell in the kitchen?

Most of us will remember to empty the garbage before leaving on vacation, but did you know that leftover food in your garbage disposal rots and creates a pungent smell that permeates your kitchen and home?

When you use your garbage disposal on a daily basis, you are continuously cleaning and removing food from the blades. If the disposal is left unused for a few weeks, that food has the chance to decompose and create a nasty mess when you get home. Quickly clean the disposal before going away by turning it on and running a mixture of hot water and white vinegar through it. This will clean the blades and remove anything that may be lodged in the unit.

How can I avoid electrical mishaps?

disconnect-appliancesFor true peace of mind when you are away, unplug your electrical and gas powered appliances. This eliminates any chance of experiencing electrical failure or fire. It will also protect your appliances in case of a power outage when you are away.

Unplugging your gas-powered appliances such as your stove or oven will also reduce the chance of experiencing a dangerous gas leak.

What to do With the Water Heater

One of the final appliances that require attention before you go on vacation is the water heater. Most modern units have a “vacation setting” or “VAC” setting that allows you to program the days you will be gone. During this time, the water heater will conserve energy and remain on stand-by until the day before you programmed your return.

At this time, the water heater will turn back on to full power to ensure that you have hot water when you get home. For older units that do not have this feature, we recommend turning the thermostat to the lowest setting or turning the water heater completely off to prevent accidents or damage.

By asking yourself some simple questions and taking the time to prepare your home, you can enjoy your vacation and come home to a clean and undamaged home. For help with your home maintenance vacation planning in Wayne, NJ, call 973-492-5931 and speak to the experts at PhD Mechanical, Inc.